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Dr. Alain Desaulniers wants to live in a world where great coffee is enjoyed together, emails are short, hugs are the new handshake and health development is a daily ritual.
Dr. Alain is a 2nd generation chiropractor in a family of 43+ chiropractors. He loves what he does and is passionate about serving others.
As a doctor of chiropractic, international speaker and educator, he’s been featured on numerous podcasts, has been applauded on stages big and small the whole world over and has been honoured to share the platform with some of the brightest minds in health, wellness and personal development.
When he’s not taking care of his awesome clients at Revolution Health in Vancouver or speaking about optimizing our health and lives, he is also the host of the renowned Everyday Revolutions podcast. You can also find him connecting with friends, reading at a local artisanal café  or adventuring around Vancouver with his inspiration, love and muse, Sarah.

 Big Ideas talked about during the episode

Mildred Robbins LeetTank Man

Even small acts of kindness have, can and WILL change the world.

YOU, yes you, have the capacity to heal, function optimally and be well in ALL areas of your life.

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