004: Kate Muker

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Kate Muker. Mother. Wife. Conscious Diva. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Dream Builder.

Kate is the proud mama of Indira, a beautiful soul who has been one of her life’s greatest teachers. She married her soulmate, Dr. Sukhi Muker, who is her partner and biggest supporter in life and in business. She uses entrepreneurship to fulfill her purpose: creating opportunities for women to live an abundant life.

In 2010 she launched Conscious Divas, who’s mission is to provide a platform that inspires and empowers women to be extraordinary versions of themselves by connecting within to discover their authentic path, speak their truth and live their dreams.

Over the past 5 years Kate has built a large local and online community, established herself as a leader, had the opportunity to work with industry leaders in the personal growth world and has sold out numerous events with over 400 people, including Living Extraordinary and Thriving Moms.

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • Creating daily rituals to build your “intention muscle”
  • How to rise up from low self-esteem and low self-worth
  • How to bring conscious intention into your everyday life
  • The universe rewards action!
  • “When you get clear on what you want to create & you start taking action towards what that is, the universe conspires to make that even greater than what you could have ever imagined.” – Kate Muker

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