005: Kevin Kokoska & the Power of Radical Empathy

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Kevin Kokoska

In 2012, Kevin was to venture to New York City to not only run the world-famous New York City Marathon, but he was going to live homeless for the days leading up to the marathon as a fundraiser for a local charity. As the days approached, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast of the United States. Did Kevin cancel his trip? Did he fulfill his mission? His life-changing story is this week’s episode of Everyday Revolutions. Have a listen!

Kevin Kokoska is a humanitarian, an endurance athlete and is completing a Masters in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia. He has a background in working with homeless youth in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • Remember: Everyone is experiencing the world in their own way
  • How to develop a ritual around practicing empathy
  • It’s much more about the willingness and having an awareness for doing better than being perfect
  • How to “Stay Out”.
  • 3 Steps to practice radical empathy

 Resources & Links

Kevin’s article in the Vancouver Sun about his experience in New York

Article from 24HRS Vancouver