006: Jenika Gordon – All Things CrossFit (& How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse)

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Jenika Gordon

Jenika is the Owner of Crossfit Westside and has been coaching Crossfit for over 8 years now. Her love for sports and inspiring people to live their best life has allowed her to pursue her passion of coaching Crossfit. Jenika has been able to work with founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman, and countless other amazing coaches since 2005. She loves mountain biking, rugby, and has completed the Squamish Triathlon, Boston Marathon.

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • Why CrossFit is for EVERYBODY, but not for everyone…
  • Jenika’s top 3 exercises
  • Lifestyle. Community. Approachability. Why are those the rallying words for members of Crossfit Westside?
  • The biggest mistake people make when starting a fitness program
  • The biggest misconceptions that people have about CrossFit and training their body
  • How Dr. Alain is using Crossfit for his own zombie-related survival… 😉

 Resources & Links

Crossfit Westside (If you’re in Vancouver, BC and want to try a free demo class, go to their website and find out how)

Crossfit Westside on Facebook

Article: Dr. Scott Mills – Crossfit: It’s for Every Body but Not For Everyone.

Crossfit Games

Video: CrossFit and CrossFit creator Greg Glassman featured on “60 Minutes” on May 10, 2015