007: Dr. Jeff Spencer – The Champions Blueprint

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Dr. Jeff Spencer

In Dr. Spencer’s own words:

At just nine years old, I used to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to practice hitting a baseball up and down our street. That competitive spirit led to winning a national championship at just ten years old and then becoming an Olympian at twenty-one.

For the past forty years, I’ve been a professional student of human achievement. I’ve been driven by this unshakable question: why do some people succeed and others fail?

After retiring from professional competition, I went back to school to earned advanced degrees in health and wellness. In the decades since then, I’ve worked with athletes in nearly every professional sport, Olympic gold medalists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. I’ve had a front-row seat as I watched these world-class achievers do what they do.

Those who try and fail think that the secret is the one thing they don’t know or the magic bullet that’s going to solve it all. Real champions—those who consistently win—approach life as a whole. They aren’t merely trying to race to the top or make a million dollars. Those are only milestones on the road to true achievement.

They travel a certain path and pay attention to the big picture. They have looked ahead to the future and decided what their life’s legacy will be—and the time in-between is simply spent filling in the blanks.

I call their path the Champion’s Blueprint. I’ve studied what these world-class achievers intuitively do without even realizing it and broken it down into its component parts. For the past several years, I’ve shared it every chance I get. People always tell me how much clarity it gives them and the newfound sense of confidence they find. I’ve even heard it called “life changing.”


Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • The Gap models of champion achievement: Void  vs. Readiness model
  • Why the 80/20 Rule doesn’t create champions
  • Why fear is a vital part of performing like a champion
  • What do prolific performers like Chester from Linkin Park and Bono from U2 do right before they go up on stage?
  • How to “Schedule in Fear”
  • “Do the homework and the test is easy” – Dr. Jeff Spencer
  • “So if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready, and that is how I run my life.” – Will Smith

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