009: Dr. Spence Pentland – Being Fertile

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Dr. Spence Pentland – Being Fertile

A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Spence Pentland has been treating fertility issues exclusively since 2004. His Vancouver clinic, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness aids couples in realizing their dreams of healthy families. He is the author of Being Fertile, available here.


Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • What’s the silver lining that can be pulled from any challenge?
  • How setting clear goals is imperative when thinking about conceiving
  • How fertility challenges have enabled couples to form stronger bonds
  • The gifts inherent in realizing the amazing potential your body has to heal and function at it’s optimal potential

Resources and Links

Yinstill Reproductive Wellness

Book: BEING FERTILE: 10 Steps to Overcome the Struggles of Infertility, Get Pregnant, and Create a Happy, Healthy Family – By Dr Spence Pentland

Being Fertile website