010: Luis Congdon on Creating a Lasting Love Connection

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Luis Congdon – Creating Lasting Love Connections

Luis Congdon is a Relationship Coach. He has worked with hundreds of couples, been a keynote speaker at international conferences, and interviews the top experts to help you have Lasting Love on his own top-rated podcast, LastingLoveConnection. For a period of 2.5 yeas Luis Congdon worked for one the nation’s largest research projects looking at Marital Success. His focus is to help couples have communication that is fun and easy.


Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • Dr. Alain’s biggest takeaway: “I am at the centre of the results in my life.” – Luis Congdon”
  • According to the Gottman Institute, when couples talk about a problem, the first 2 minutes of a conversation were more important than the rest of it. Luis has found it’s actually even the first 30 seconds!
  • Luis discusses the common destructive communication patterns that couples experience.
  • Always do your best to put much more time focusing on what’s working in your relationship as opposed to focusing on the problems
  • The power of the pause during an argument
  • Make constant and consistent “deposits into your relationship love bank”

Resources and Links

Download Luis Congdon’s Free Gifts!

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