013: Dr. Gil Desaulniers – The “3 Ts” of Sickness

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Dr. Gil Desaulniers – The “3 Ts” of Sickness

Coming from one of the largest chiropractic families in the world (43 graduated chiropractors in only 39 years), Dr Gil has literally been deeply involved with chiropractic since birth. By the age of 9, he began assisting his father in their family office, helping patients and being witness to the changes and transformation that many people experienced in all aspects of their lives. This has left a lasting impression that Dr Gil carries with him still today. Since making the final decision to dedicate his life by helping people through the vehicle of chiropractic, Dr Gil has gone on a fantastic journey of learning, growth and camaraderie that brings him to the present moment. Along side wife, Dr Marie, Dr Gil is very excited to continue to learn and grow, but more importantly begin to apply and share the tools and gifts that he has been shown since birth.

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • The Perfect Storm: The Perfect Storm is an epidemic we see that our kids and adults alike are facing today – caused by what we refer to as the “3 Ts”.
  • The “3 Ts” are simply the three categories of stress: Trauma (physical stress), Toxins (chemical stress), and Thoughts (emotional/mental stress)
  • The World Health Organization says there is no reason the C-section rate in our country should be higher than 5-10%, but even in our BC, Canada hospitals, births attended by an OB boast a 40% C-section rate – one of the highest in the country!
  • From Psychology Today: “The average child today has the same level of stress and anxiety as the average psychiatric patient of the 1950s.”
  • One of Dr. Gil’s favourite quotes: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” -Dante
  • One of Dr. Alain’s favourite quotes: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King jr.

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