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In The News – April 2016 Edition025 in the news

Co-hosts Dr. Alain Desaulniers and Dr. Chris Chatzoglou discuss some interesting articles that they get asked about regularly. 


Have a question you want answered? Have a topic you’d like the doctors to discuss, dissect and disseminate? Send either of them a tweet (Dr. Alain is @dralain and Dr. Chris is @chrischatzoglou) and get the conversation started. Who knows… We may cover your question live on the show!

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • Coffee: Still need reasons to drink it? It’s a “superfood”. Really. Check it out.
  • Should breastfeeding be banned from being called natural?
  • Dr. Heidi Haavik’s cool research on chiropractic and brain function
  • Nociception? 
  • Tony Robbins on how high-performers are different
  • What’s Your Why?
  • Who would the doctors have dinner with if they could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive? Their answers may surprise you.

Resources and Links

Article about breastfeeding and the term “natural”

The Life By Design podcast episode that also spoke about the breastfeeding article

Article: Tony Robbins says there’s one trait massively successful people like Richard Branson, Marc Benioff, and Oprah Winfrey all share

Article: Without A Doubt: Chiropractic Research Shows Adjusting The Subluxated Spine Changes Brain Function

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