029: Kayvon – How To Become Unstoppable

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Episode 029 – Kayvon: How to Become Unstoppable

Co-hosts Dr. Alain Desaulniers and Dr. Chris Chatzoglou interview the one, the only: Kayvon. Yes. Just Kayvon. 

Kayvon is recognized as lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business/ life coach and keynote speaker. A former professional #1 salesman in 3 highly competitive industries, a Two timing collegiate male athlete of the year, University football running back and national ski racer, he is currently transforming lives and touching souls across North America. Kayvon shared the stage with superstars like Lisa Nichols, Tom Bilyue, Brendan Bouchard and can be seen on podcasts such as Vancouver Real and other major media outlets. His Business “10k10min turnaround system” been seen on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS. Kayvon trained with the world’s number one Vocal Coach Roger Love, the worlds renown transformational coach Lisa Nichols. Kayvon has worked with elite body language experts such as Mark Bowden. He has also partnered with experts such as John. C Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Collin James and even the master himself Tony Robbins.

13227619_244567362576454_631122326597402619_oHis fans would call him a motivational speaker, many refer to him as an inspirational transformation coach. Known as a professional sales expert and someone who can teach you how to build a million dollar company, Kayvon only wants to be recognized as your friend. You can always expect his response to look like “Hi My name is Kayvon and I am your friend”. From a small town in Ontario Canada to the big stages across the world. He has helped thousands of people discover their life’s purpose, live life with their Greatest potential and help entrepreneurs build lives of freedom and success. 

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