034: Joslyn Nerdahl – Let’s Talk About Sex

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Episode 034: Joslyn Nerdahl – Let’s Talk About Sex

Meet Joslyn

Joslyn is a Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach and Sexual Rights Advocate who believes strongly in communication and consent. With years of coaching, surrogacy, somatic body work, sexual education and rehabilitation under her belt she is now completing the clinical portion of her Sexology degree. Her passion is helping people learn how to talk about sex and helping clients find safe ways of exploring how to get their needs met, creating healthier individuals, couples, families and communities. 


Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • How and when to talk to your kids about sexuality
  • Why talking about sex is vital to our overall health
  • The first steps to regaining confidence and intimacy
  • Joslyn’s 3-step mission to changing the way we view and experience human sexuality
  • How to apply the principles of health to sexuality

Resources and Links

MOJO MEDIATOR: Joslyn’s website

BOOK: “It’s My Body; A book to teach young children how to resist uncomfortable touch” by Lory Freeman, illustrations by Carol Deach

GLOBE & MAIL ARTICLE: “My Sexual Education” by Sierra Skye Gemma

TEDx Talk – The red umbrella — sex work, stigma, & the law | Maggie de Vries | TEDxSFU

VIDEO: Toni Mac: The laws that sex workers really want