037: Spencer Coppin – How to be Superhuman

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Spencer Coppin 1Meet Spencer

Coppin Health is a world leader in specialized personal health. Deeply rooted in tested evidence and modern science, we build individualized health programs using anti-aging, functional, regenerative and energy medicines. We call this your Life Protocol, a calibrated program for biochemical individuality that will chart a path to true optimization. Armed with 20 years of experience developing and designing life enhancing medicine protocols across the globe, we have become aware that scientific, data driven and correct thinking is the most amazing director for personal well-being. The key goes beyond asking what is wrong – and to ask why? The answers lead to full repair of underlying imbalances, rebuilt cellular function, hormonal parity, nervous system clarity and harmonized energy states that affect all aspects of living the best possible life experience. The Superhuman Summit is our annual event where we explore the future of human potential. Longevity experts, human augmentation visionaries, self quantification professionals, and actual Superhumans achieving heroic feats all sharing their ideas, knowledge, and stories. .

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • What if you had an owner’s manual for your life…
  • What does it mean to “design your life protocol”
  • All about self-quantification
  • What the heck is bio-hacking?
  • How to ask better questions to create better results in your life.
  • Learn about the awesome Superhuman Summit

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Superhuman Summit