014: Dr. Karen Osburn – Vulnerability, Parenting and How Not To Be A #DNB

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Dr. Karen Osburn – Vulnerability, Parenting and How Not To Be A #DNB

Dr. Karen Osburn of Mom at 41 is a chiropractor, blogger, podcast host, mother of 2, wife and one all-around awesome woman. Dr. Osburn originally started blogging to share her practice’s website. She began noticing that the posts that were starting to get the most attention were the ones about being a mom and her and husband’s adoption journey. It became obvious that it was something people really wanted to hear about and connect around so she created the now top-ranked Mom at 41 podcast to be the home of that community and discussion. Their motto is “embracing imperfect moms everywhere”. She’s now venturing into her second podcast, Women Wanting More, which will no doubt be another game-changer for women and men alike.

Big Ideas talked about during the episode

  • Learn about the power of Vulnerability
  • How to be more vulnerable, open and authentic
  • Dr. Karen shares her journey through “100 Burpees A Day for 100 Days” challenge. (hint: she’s kicking butt)
  • How to rid your life of the “I’m not enough” feeling
  • How to get out of the seemingly endless “shaming” cycle our culture finds itself in
  • Doing Things Right vs. Doing the Right Thing
  • How to STOP LYING to yourself and others and take responsibility for your life.
  • What does Dr. Osburn do first thing in the morning to ensure her success

Resources and Links

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